Our Story

Introducing, I'm Claire. A working mom that had an incredible desire to improve the way we all do business.  I'm honing in on over 10 years of expertise in administration and finance to help other businesses thrive. 

I'm building a team of Canadian moms and dads with extensive knowledge in bookkeeping, social media, digital marketing, finance, sales, customer service, CRM management, and vendor management. Our clients can delegate tasks and projects so they can focus on what’s most important to them. 

I'm creating a platform for like-minded professionals to work together and build businesses that will achieve huge success. Help me, help you, help yourself. 

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Virtual Delegation Services

Virtual Delegation Services

Virtual Delegation Services

Remove the mundane tasks from your endless to do list. We'll save you time, money, resources & stress. 


Elevate Your Business

Virtual Delegation Services

Virtual Delegation Services

Delegate the daily administration tasks that have been preventing you from taking your business to the next level. Adding a Virtual Assistant will be a game changer!


Mutual Success

Virtual Delegation Services

Mutual Success

Creating a culture that enables people to create a flexible lifestyle, collaborate and co-create positive changes.



Database & CRM Maintenance

Many businesses have a database or customer-relation management (CRM) system.

A business can use a CRM system for multiple reasons. A few of these include invoicing, customer management, inventory, lead management, etc.

One important and time-consuming task we offer to take off our client’s plate is to create, update, and maintain the business databases. In most cases, it’s a duty many owners would be happy to outsource.

Data Entry

Creating spreadsheets, updating and organizing customer/account information,  purging outdated or duplicated data, or compiling, verifying and sorting information... Etc. 

Whatever the circumstances, it’s usually a role that requires little training and can often be done from anywhere at any time. 

Shipping/Courier Refunds

Shipping and courier companies such as Canada Post, Fedex, DHL, and Purolator to name a few often offer a refund when they have not met their delivery standards. 

To determine if a parcel is eligible for a refund, each individual order needs to be reviewed. Once confirmed that the delivery standard has not been met, the affected orders are then manually entered for refund. 

This monotonous, time consuming task  may not seem worth it to some business owners, but because we collect a percentage of the refund there’s no additional expense and will actually put money back into your business.  

Customer Contact

For fast growing businesses creating new customers is top of mind, and it should be! New customers create expansion, but only if your current customer base isn’t neglected. Our team can provide support with day 2 tasks such as; 

  • Pending deals. We can connect with the customer and keep them motivated and excited instead of letting the opportunity go stale.
  • Deficiency clean up. Missed signatures, written authorization, payment reminder. 
  • General Connection. Sending personal birthday, anniversary, or congratulations to customers is a great way to stay top of mind. 

Some things are better accomplished with a personal touch instead of a generic autoresponder. 


Please reach out if you’re looking for assistance with a project not listed above. We’re looking to expand just as you are and are all about mutual success!

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Please reach out! We want to learn about your business and show you how we can help save you time, money, resources & stress.

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